99 Meditations of Chords and Colors

Second version

© Andreja Andric 2005

Classical music has been created in a time when people were not acquainted with noise. The loudest sounds were thunder and church bell. Music was rare, and the sounds of musical instruments must have been refreshing and exciting in a way we can't even immagine.

Today we are constantly surrounded with sound: music in bars, supermarkets, and on our media players, traffic sounds in the street, constant flow of sounds from publicity, movies, radio, Internet sites...

It follows that the music for our time should rather open new empty spaces and create new silences.

The work consists of 99 HTML pages. Each page is connected with the next and with the previous one. Each page is completely filled with one randomly chosen color and plays the C-major chord of unlimited duration. The tone colors from the MIDI palette are chosen at random for each page. You enter the first page. At any moment you can go forward or backward through the composition, choosing in this way your own tempo of listening.

Microsoft Internet Explorer is required to view/hear the work.

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