I Play You Play

for voice and smartphone

Andreja Andric 2019

Caution if you are wearing headphones: loud sounds

To perform with voice and any device with a web browser, ideally a smartphone. Variable duration. Uses HTML5 Web Audio API. It is currently compatible with most modern desktop browsers, Chrome on Android phones and Chrome or Safari on iPhones.

How to perform the vocal part: The vocal score can be found here.

Content of the electronic part: The electronic part of the work consists of 48 sound repeating melodic cells each with a simple interface for navigating through them. All the 48 repeating cells are constructed out of notes tuned according to the following fractions with respect to the given ground frequency: 1/1, 9/8, 5/4, 4/3, 3/2, 5/3, 15/8, 2/1, 9/4. The ground frequency is 176Hz and you can change it during the performance. Each repeating cell consists some of these notes in a different combination and rhythm. Also each repeating cell corresponds to one bar in the vocal score. The swipe interface on the smartphone provides opportunity for gestures familiar from popular mobile phone applications, thereby contributing to the stage aspect of the performance.

Each sound mixture is actually a fast-paced melody rendered in two voices, in parallel fifths or octaves, in short, equal rhythmical values. The 1-bit sound resolution and fast tempo makes the individual notes hard to tell apart. The sound resolution is 44100 samples per second. See the source code and the accompanying commentary for details.

How to perform the electronic part: Move forward through the repeating cell set with the arrow button or swipe left/right on the swipe panel. Modulate the electronic part to the next tonality where indicated in the vocal score using Tilde ('~') button or swipe up/down. Use of this button will retune the melody a major second up or down. Repeating use of this button (or swipe up/down) will modulate from C major to D major, then back to C, then to B flat major and back to C major after which the cycle repeats. The modulation schema in the vocal score is the same.

The program repeats the current melody until you make a change. Move through the repeating cells and ground frequencies freely, but changes should be made only during the pauses in the vocal part where there is a fermata.

Swipe Panel

Last updated October 18th 2019