Keyboard Studies (2020)

Keyboard Studies is a collection of music works based on fast and unpredictable typing patterns, in quest for its author's unique signature. It is inspired by behaviometric, the study of typing patterns with a view of establishing the identity of the person behind the keyboard for the purpose of combatting identity theft. The works challenge the performer's memory, accuracy and focus through reproposing the same limited sound material in a limitless flow of slightly different configurations, and a relentless, fast beat. The works are equally suitable for piano, toy piano, harpsichord, organ or a synthesizer.

  1. Keyboard Study #1 [score | listen (organ) | listen (piano)]
  2. Keyboard Study #2 [score | listen (organ)]
  3. Keyboard Study #3 [score | listen (organ) | listen (two pianos in canon)]
  4. Keyboard Study #4 [score | listen (piano)]