Noisescape with Voice

Andreja Andric

for an improvising musician and mobile electronics (2017)

Sound project inspired by the concept of talk show or live TV interview. An improvising musician responds to a noise stream of variable density, and possibly shows off by trying to respond to or even outmatch smartphone-generated electronic noise passages.

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  1. Ocean of Sound #3 - Andreja Andric Portrait Concert, Radar, Aarhus, November 14th 2019. With Christian Windfeld, percussion.
  2. AMOK, Aarhus, October 5th 2019. With Andrew Dorman, electric guitar.
  3. Lydhør på en Søndag, Aarhus, September 30th 2018. With Reuben Lewis, trumpet.
  4. Smartphone recital at Spektrum Berlin, May 13th 2018. With Martin Lau, voice.