Meditations (2019-)

Part of the garden at Ryōan-ji, By Stephane D'Alu - Stephane D'Alu's photo, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Part of the garden at Ryoan-ji, By Stephane D'Alu - Stephane D'Alu's photo, CC BY-SA 3.0,"/

Meditations is a series of music works inspired by Japanese zen gardens. Like the gardens themselves, the works are intended to imitate the intimate essence of nature, not its actual appearance, and to serve as an aid to meditation for the listeners and performers alike. Each work can last for any amount of time and consists of hundreds of short poems which describe the music in detail.


  1. Concert of XX and XXI century music at the Hall of Serbian Composers' Association, Belgrade, July 2nd 2022, Mina Stupar, piano (Meditations II)
  2. Cornaro Art Institute, Limassol, May 8th 2022, Anita Tomasevich, piano (Meditations II)
  3. Galerija Lazar Vozarević, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, April 21st 2022, Anita Tomasevich and Nada Kolundžija, piano four hands. (Meditations II)
  4. Svilara, Novi Sad, Serbia, April 19th 2022, Anita Tomasevich and Nada Kolundzija, piano four hands. (Meditations II)
  5. ArtGet Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, April 17th 2022, Anita Tomasevich and Nada Kolundzija, piano four hands. (Meditations II)
  6. 2K+ Branko Džinović // Muzika za harmoniku i elektroniku Kulturni centar Vojvodine "Miloš Crnjanski", Crna kuća, December 5th 2021, Meditations X (2021)
  7. Jakob Bangsø's guitar recital at Kitara Nova festival, Helsinki, September 18th 2021 (Meditations IV)
  8. 30th International Composers' Review at SKC, Belgrade, October 9th 2021, Milena Stanišić and Ivana Pavlović, harps (Meditations III)
  9. RAMA Percussion Concert 2021, Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, March 15th 2021, Domiziana del Mastro, Maria Rullestad Teigen and Rasmus Vinther, percussion (Meditations V). Get the score (pdf)
  10. Finalists' concert of Franco Evangelisti International Composition Competition 2020, Teatro Massimo, Palermo, March 13th 2021, Alessandro Librio, violin, Alessandra Pipitone, piano (Meditations II)
  11. Robin Meiksins' 100 Days of New Music, October 24th 2020, Meditations VII (online). Get the score (pdf)
  12. Philippa Mo, violin, Anita Tomasevich, piano, September 5th 2020, Meditations II (online) Get the score (pdf)
  13. Rosetta Ensemble's concert Reframing at The Piccolo Theater Company, Amagasaki, Japan, January 11th 2020 (Meditations I)
  14. Concert at The Curtain, London, November 26th, Philippa Mo, violin and Jakob Bangsø, guitar (Meditations IV). Score (pdf)
  15. Rosetta Ensemble's concert at La Reve, Hiroshima, Japan, December 15th, 2019. (Meditations I)
  16. Rosetta Ensemble's concert Without Frame, Kyoto Arts Centre, Kyoto, Japan, August 10th 2019 (Meditations I). Get the score (pdf)